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What is a PocketTable?

CLICK HERE to see how the PocketTable folds out into place.

A folding table & 2 benches seating 4 adults. When open the PocketTable can serve as a dining table, breakfast nook, computer desk, play area and more! In the house or even outside on the porch... anywhere space may be a premium.

When closed the Pocket Table measures 34" x 58". It can be made to look like a pie safe, or any other cabinet in the style of your choosing.

Standard In-Wall Model ($850.00 + shipping) CLICK HERE TO ORDER
On-Wall Model ($950.00 + shipping) CLICK HERE TO ORDER

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When Open: 5" deep x 54" wide x 70" high

  • Table top measures: 25" x 45" x 1 3/8"
  • Benches (2) measures: 12" x 39" x 1"

When Closed: 5" deep x 34" wide x 70" high

The PocketTable may be installed in-the-wall or on-the-wall with a variety of options.

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  • Color and type of wood, including: Oak, Cherry, Maple or Pine
  • Stained, painted or unfinished
  • Door Panels: wood, metal, glass, fabric or pictures.
  • Mantle top
  • Molding under the mantle and at the baseboard.
  • Door Hardware: knobs, pull, catch
  • Plastic laminate table top

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Installation In-the-wall

Requires a 4" cavity inside the wall with a 1" extension from the surface of the wall.

  1. Place the PocketTable against the wall & mark its location for a 28.5" x 67" hole. Check for electrical wiring on both sides of the wall.
  2. As needed, remove one stud and put in a new header.
  3. Place the PocketTable inside the opening.
  4. Screw directly to studs and level it.
  5. Apply the 2" mantle top and the trim as necessary.

There is a space provided at the bottom of the PocketTable box for existing electrical wiring.

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Installation On-the-wall

Extends 5" from the surface of the wall.

  1. Place the PocketTable box against the wall and mark location. Make sure to level it at this point.
  2. Mount one support to the wall, preferablly on a stud.
  3. Lay the PocketTable on the wall and mark for the second support piece, making sure that these two supports are vertical.
  4. Screw the second support to the wall. It is always better to have these two supports anchored to wall studs.
  5. If #4 is not possible, you may want to attach a horizontal support at the top of the PocketTable. (the 6""" mantle is also attached here) after the PocketTable is in place attache mantle & supports to the wall stud and top of mantle.
  6. Attach the PocketTable box to the mounted supports from the inside of the PocketTable box.
  7. Apply the 6" mantle top and the trim.
  8. Screw the side pieces into place.

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