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What is a Knock-Down Wardrobe?

CLICK HERE to see how easily the wardrobe is assembled.

This wardrobe is built of the finest materials available to make it attractive, lightweight and sturdy. All framing materials are built of solid woods. Some panels are of plywood to make it lightweight.

This wardrobe is made of solid wood and full size for clothing or any other storage purposes.

The really great feature is that it is able to be disassembled in under 10 minutes by one person. Therefore, moving your wardrobe to the other room or cross country will be an easy task. Fits in the back of a small station wagon like a Subaru or Jeep Cherokee.

Knock-Down Wardrobe ($950.00 + shipping) CLICK HERE TO ORDER


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When completely assembled: 84" high x 24" deep x 42 1/2" wide.

Face frame opening measures: XX" x XX"

Interior dimensions measure: 23 1/4" deep by 41" wide. Inside dimensions large enough to fit a 37" TV (45 degree diagonal measurement)

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  • Pine or Poplar
  • Stained, painted or unfinished
  • Single drawer or 2 drawers
  • Clothes Rod
  • Additional Shelves
  • Rear wiring / electrical cutout access
  • With or without a center support stile
  • Crown molding
  • Choice of door styles

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Knock-Down Procedure

Requires a #2 Philips screwdriver.

  1. Remove two interior top sliding dove tail fasteners.
  2. Open and remove each door by lifting up & off.
  3. Remove center stile (if applicable) by slightly raising the top piece then lifting stile up and out.
  4. Lift off top piece.
  5. Unscrew six back panel screws and remove.
  6. Remove two interior bottom sliding dove tail fasteners.
  7. Lift off both side panels.
  8. Top piece fits snuggly onto bottom piece.
  9. Stack side panel, back panel and side panel on top of bottom and top pieces for easy transportation.

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